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Ashafix is a Postfixadmin clone in Perl using the Mojolicious framework.

Why yet another Postfix admin tool?

You're running a Postfix server because it's both designed with security in mind and fairly easy to use? Chances are you're running Postfixadmin, and you feel a bit uncomfortable about it. It hasn't seen an official release in well over two years, and PHP's security problems and general ugliness aren't exactly confidence-inspiring either.

That's not to say the Postfixadmin team hasn't done a good job. The tool is simple and does just what people need. That (and the fact that I suck at UI design) is why Ashafix is based closely on Postfixadmin, but with a few differences that should make working on it and adapting it to new needs less painful:


Missing features and other issues

Be warned: this is still alpha-quality software! Quite a few features are missing and others will have bugs. Among the known ones are:


Apart from a working web server and Perl 5.10 or greater, Ashafix needs the following Perl modules:


Get it!

Ashafix is available from GitHub. Collaboration is welcome of course!